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Who We Are

a.k.a meet the monkeys

We’re a team of entrepreneurs just like yourself. We have hands on experience with the needs of a small business and created services and products to cater to this needs. Let us provide you with the tools to make much more with your Shopify store. Let us better convert your traffic into sales. You? You have a business to run.


Let's Take Care of Business

The Possibilities Are Endless

At SideMonkey, we dedicate our time to help you get more revenues from your Shopify store traffic. Our technology enables you to seamlessly direct your shoppers where it matters the most: to a profitable item, a collection you wish to promote or to a sale or event you are holding. Don't let your shoppers wander around until they are lost - direct them with SideMonkey's Sidebar.


"There's nothing sadder than a lost shopper"

Every shop owner, everywhere


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