All you need to know

What is SideMonkey all about?

SideMonkey is all about creating tools that will let you increase your revenues from your Shopify store. Our signature product, Store Sidebar, let's you direct your shop's traffic to where it matter the most. We are here to make you sell more.

How does the Siderbar app work?

The Store Sidebar app was designed to be a powerful and simple to use tool for your arsenal. You can set it in 60 seconds and it will help you direct shoppers where you want - to a profitable item, a collection you wish to promote or to a new sale or event.

How do I use the Store Sidebar?

Setting up and updating the sidebar is easy:
1 - Add the Sidebar app to your Shopify store. 
2 - Add the text you want to appear (title, description)
3 - Choose a design and where you want it to link.
That's it! We told you it's a 2 minute set up.

I have a request or idea. What can I do?

We would love to hear your thoughts! Whether it's a banner design idea, style request or if you need assistance - we are here for you. 
Leave us a comment through the site or email us directly at help@sidemonkey.com - we will get back to you as soon as possible.